Tips for ensuring the tidiness of your office

just clearLet’s be honest… offices can be places of real chaos. Office-based businesses in general can have a real propensity to accumulate stuff that soon needs to be cleared, from random pens that you forgot to throw away when they ran out and post-it notes with urgent reminders that have long gone out of date, to now-unnecessary filing cabinets and that whiteboard that you ended up never needing. Here, the experts in office clearance at Just-Clear ( give you some quick tips for ensuring your office’s continuing tidiness.

First of all, you should recognise just how important a tidy office is. Even if you merely work from home, an untidy workspace can be distracting and disorientating, and can make it difficult to find important documents or even result in you slipping on items that have been left on the floor. If you work in an office into which you regularly welcome prospective clients and/or customers, then you should also be concerned about the image that is being presented to these very important people. Such messiness suggests that you don’t really care, and in many cases, such organisations really don’t, which often leads to the need for comprehensive office clearance in London, sooner or later.

Of course, if you work from home, it will ultimately be you who has responsibility for all aspects of office cleanliness, but for those that do the traditional ‘9 to 5’ surrounded by colleagues, it’s all too tempting to try to pass the buck – which is why you should delegate tasks to different staff members from the start, perhaps asking them to keep their particular area of the office clean. If there are communal kitchens and other areas that might take too much time to clean without detracting unduly from the core business, it may make more sense to hire a cleaner.

You should, though, at least take pride in ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of your own workspace, which will set an example to others. If you tidy and order your desk before you go home each day, you’ll often unearth important documents that you could have otherwise lost. Provide readily available cleaning equipment and litter bins, and commit to doing just a little bit of tidying and cleaning each day so that office mess does not get out of hand.

Thankfully, Just-Clear ( offers a well-priced and environmentally friendly service for those who do find themselves struggling with their office mess. Whether there’s a room that you need to clear out so that you can make it your new home office, or you have electronic waste and WEEE to get rid of from multiple workstations, we have an office clearance or house clearance service that keeps that tat at bay with the minimum of fuss.

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